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Easicare offers the best solution for you, whether home or business, after all cleaning furniture is not rocket science for us, so it important to have your space clean. Upholstery cleaning seeks to clean each fibre as per requirements instead of generalising such. When cleaning, we take a look at what upholstery is. It comprises of different textile, usually comfortable furniture e.g Sofa, mattress etc. Even though such material are very comfortable and cosy, they can easily become home for bacteria in your house. Dust and bacteria get trapped into your upholstery and they can therefore cause breathing and allergy problems. Seeing that most of your upholstery furniture can be your favourite relaxing spot or your child’s small getaway, it is therefore of great significance to clean them using an effective, safe on fabric and non-toxic method.

These Services Include:

Carpet Cleaning and base mattress

Upholstery Cleaning (sofas, office chairs, Car seats)


Industrial Kitchen


Construction Cleaning (Tile, pavement, window and Building cleaning)

Deep Cleaning Services Enquiry